Inductive Bible Study: Tools, Tips & Techniques

There is possibly nothing that distinguishes the servants of God more that the way they handle the Word of God.  Their attitude towards it, how they approach it and apply it.

The Scripture is replete with commands and examples of what we must do with the word and the ensuing results.

I recently told the men in our Men’s Ministry that I have never seen anyone who is stronger spiritually than his spiritual disciplines facilitate. Additionally, I told them that our effectiveness in ministry will be proportionate to the way we “handle” the word of God. I have challenged them to learn to use the word effectively to feed themselves, their families, their friends at church, etc., (in the various areas of involvement and engagement). To equip them to participate in this challenge, we taught them to do Inductive Bible Study and to Meditate in Colours. They were excited about the prospect, but they needed some help by way of coaching and mentoring (Discipling) along the way.

The following Scriptures were shared in the course of over a three weeks together.  This page is intended to provide some encouragement and examples to get them to practice what they were taught.  We provided a series of handouts explaining the process.  What is written here, presupposes that they have these pages before them.

So here are the portions that we have tackled and used as examples:

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Practice Sheets: (Parallel Translations)

 Meditating In Colours: (New)

Other Tools: