This is who we are and what others are saying about us. Below is a list and the language of our Home Church and Ministry Partners.

The Team:

  • Denis Bagot
  • Peter Mowlah-Baksh

Peter’s Commendations:

Peter Mowlah-Baksh is a Trinidadian. We attend the same church back home (Harvest Bible Chapel Brampton). We have teamed up to explore partnering with the churches in Trinidad & Tobago. Peter serves as a vital part of our Assimilation Team. Here is what his supervisor, Joan Ffrench,  says about him:

I have had the privilege of serving with Peter on the Welcome Team for about a year now, and what comes to mind as I reflect on Peter’s impact on Team 3, is his quiet consistency and reliability.

You can see in Peter a heart for the Lord – in the way he serves as an Usher, and in the way he relates to all who comes across his path every Sunday. His genuine warmth is felt by all whom he greets or ushers to their seats.

But beyond his service to the Lord on Sunday, I have been able to observe a Man who fully rests in the Lord for His life and his Love for his wife Wendy, Children and Grand Children.

Titus 2:2 describes Peter well when it says “Sober Minded, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love and in steadfastness…” I think of Peter, when Paul admonished Titus to teach what accords to sound doctrine in regards to those older men amongst us.

Peter, I thank you for being an example for us all – for showing us what the saving work of the Lord should look like in our lives, and families. 2 Peter 3:14.

Joan Ffrench:


Here’s what Dan Unruh, an elder at Harvest Bible Chapel Brampton, and a personal friend of Peter says. . .

I have no known Peter Mowlah-Baksh for approximately 15 years.  He is a man of God, who has a passion and a vigor for serving the Lord. The Lord has laid on his heart a passion for the Gospel and to have it reach the lost people of Trinidad & Tobago. Peter, through the presence of the Holy Spirit, has demonstrated humility,  hunger and compassion for people.

For several years, he led a Small Group Bible Study that my wife and I were a past of. He led us through though the Scriptures and demonstrated a zest for the word of God. He is an excellent friend, is trustworthy and loving. He is one of the first people I would call upon, if I needed prayer, or support, in any critical situation. He has a wonderful wife and family that he shepherds and leads well.

Peter has a Spirit-filled disposition and has demonstrated a love for Christ and all others he meets. Peter’s heart’s desire and prayer is that the lost of Trinidad would be saved and that the Gospel would spread throughout the Islands. He has a strong passion to disciple the men of Trinidad & Tobago and to serve the churches there to fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.



Romans 15:13


Denis Commendations:

Letter from Ted Duncan, Lead Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel Brampton, Brampton, Ontario Canada. HBCB is a part of Harvest Bible Fellowship. It was planted six years ago. We practice the plurality of elders. Our current attendance is over 700 on Sundays. We are “a church of small groups, not a church with small groups.” Small groups are our primary pathway for discipleship. Our Mission is: “Glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.”

I am pleased to write a letter of commendation for Denis Bagot. Denis serves faithfully in our church as a member of our elders board. He has shown himself to be a workman approved who rightly handles the word of truth and has no need to be ashamed. His faithfulness in his family and in his ministry have shown the kind of character and competence that make me pleased to commend him.




Letter From Chris Shipley, Associate Pastor of HBC Brampton.

Chris writes. . .

It’s a joy for me to commend to you Denis Bagot. He is a trusted friend and co-labourer in the gospel. Whether shepherding God’s church as an elder in our local congregation, training and equipping believers from the Scriptures, or encouraging and teaching missionaries on the field, I’ve known Denis to be a faithful, diligent, and genuine disciple of Christ. He loves God’s Word and has a gift in teaching it. He loves God’s church and has a passion to expand it. He loves God’s people and has a desire to shepherd and disciple them in truth and love. I pray that the Lord would give you an opportunity to be served by Denis as he seeks to serve Christ’s church.

Chris Shipley

Chris Shipley Pastor of Family Ministries Harvest Bible Chapel Brampton 905.450.0477


Letter from, Pastor Ralph Hardowar, a Guyanese pastor, with whom we have been working for the last  five (5) years. He is sold on the process of making disciples. He is extremely serious about fulfilling the Great Commission to expedite the return of the King (Matt 24:14; 28:18-20).  I have spent extended periods of time in Guyana, working along with him and the leaders of his churches and outreach stations.

When we started partnering with Pastor Ralph, five years ago, we promised that if the churches in Guyana are revitalized by what we are doing there, we would be delighted to do the same with churches in the Caribbean, who see the value in this type of assistance.

We are convinced that it has worked in Guyana and will work in the Caribbean islands, if we are committed to do what is necessary to grow to become like Christ and help others to do the same. The currency of discipleship is, unreserved commitment to Jesus Christ as devoted followers.

Pastor Ralph writes . . .

To my fellow pastors in Trinidad and sister churches in Trinidad, I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our Soon Coming King. Please be patient with me and let me introduce myself and my friend Denis Bagot to you and share what we are doing in Guyana.

I am the pastor of Enterprise Baptist Church and People’s Baptist Church, affiliated with the Baptist Convention of Guyana (Southern Baptist). Our churches are involve in missions (small churches) at Bachelor’s Adventure; Enterprise Garden; Block 12 Non Pariel; Letter Kenny; Pine Ground Mahaicony River; Abrahams Creek Pomeroon River; Siriki Pomeroon River and six other Missions in the Rupununi (bordering to Brazil). As a pastor, I know that our churches consisted of people from different walks of life, some highly academically qualified, some with reasonable education and others with primary school or no formal education. We realized after much “trials and testings” that often the grass roots people are in many instances more willing than the “professionals” and as such, are often more involved in the churches. We also discovered that most of our theological training is geared towards people with a higher or at least reasonable formal education.

As a result of this, five years ago we started “Practical Theological Training” at three levels, one for those who are  academically advanced, one for those with a sound primary and secondary (intermediate) education and one for our “grass roots people”, who have difficulties reading and writing, because of little or no formal education.

We have also blend our training to be more discipleship focused, since we discovered that many people who come to know the Lord are never effectively discipled.  As a result of this, we have many people who are called “Christians” but who are not living as the Lord commanded and expects. This to a large extent is  because of a faulty view of discipleship, or no discipleship process. In fact, most Christians appeared to have not been “discipled” or mentored. This being the case, we have failed in our most fundamental duty as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Great Commission is to “make disciples . . . teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.. . .”

I want to tell you that after five years of training, we are having constant convert classes and we are baptizing people at an average of every two months. For the year 2015 we have already baptized 34 persons from areas that are predominantly East Indian (Hindus and Muslims). Each of these new believers are linked immediately, after baptism, with someone to disciple them in the fashion of 2Tim 2:2. The discipleship process is working for us. We heartily recommend it to you.

Denis Bagot from Canada (Guyanese), Aubrey Ralph from USA (Guyanese) and Courtney Street, serving missionary in Antigua (Jamaican), have helped us the past five years with training. Denis has spent prolonged periods of time with us on several occasions. He and I, along with others from our church, went to all the different churches (mentioned above, except for the churches in the Rupununi neighboring to Brazil) and taught the Biblical concept of discipleship to the believers there. We have implemented small groups into our churches.  This is humble man has graduate degrees in theology and knows how to help struggling churches. He is gifted in teaching, discipleship, leadership, small groups, men’s ministry, church planting and revitalization, etc. Additionally, he is gifted in singing and playing the guitar. He is also a dynamic preacher. Denis loves the Lord and has no ulterior motives in doing what the Lord lays in his heart.

I gladly and unhesitatingly recommend this humble man of God to you, but only if you are serious in church growth, discipleship and a good Christian Education. The Kingdom of God needs men like him. Please make use of him as the Lord leads you. I can write much more, but I would be late for church – (written on Sunday morning, because of an urgent request from  my friend and co-worker). Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you need additional information and/ or any clarifications.

Love to all of you in Christ.

Dhanraj Hardowar (Ralph)

Phone: 592-270-4638 (Home) Phone: 592-644-8221 (Cell)


The Ministry we offer (Inductive Bible Study, Discipleship, etc.) has transformative as well as sustaining effects on those who are “trained” by it. Here is what Dhan Lalsee says (Dhan was as a member of the church we pastored in St. Georges in Grenada. He was a lawyer and senior partner in a law firm in St. Georges. Six months after we left Grenada, he packed in his law practice and went into full time ministry.)

After over thirty years Dhan writes:

DENIS BAGOT was my Pastor in Grenada for almost two years during the early 1980’s. At that time, I had been a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ for about five years, but I was already involved in ministry, held a leadership position in my home church as well as at the associational level.

He came into my life at a time when, although I was very serious about my commitment to Christ, I was still very green in studying and understanding the Scriptures. This limited my growth as His disciple as well as my understanding of my role and responsibility as a Church leader. Prior to his coming, our local congregation had been without a pastor for some months and although I desired to study the Scriptures there was no human teacher available.

So, very early, Denis took me under his wings and I jumped at his invitation to join him at his home on mornings before going to my office. He taught me how to study the Bible and how to get the most from my time in the Word. This was one of the very exciting and meaningful times of my life. As a good surgeon handles the tools of his trade, Denis showed me (with the aid of pencils coded according to their color) how to make meaningful notes in my Bible. More than anything else, God used him to give me a love for His Word that has intensified over the years. This has played an extremely significant part in my life, in my walk with the Lord and in my service to and through Him. This was a solid foundation that set both the quality and pace of the Lord’s future work in my life.

Together with this, I was increasingly being drawn deeper into the realities and progression of a life of discipleship. I understood, as never before, that this was what the Lord had called me to. Over time, this merged into missions, as I saw that the two were inseparably woven together.

Not unexpectedly, in December 1984, the Lord graciously called my wife and I into missionary service. Until March 2003, we served throughout the English-speaking Caribbean while based in Grenada, and from then to June 2008, we were based in Miami, Florida. Since then, we have been in Zimbabwe “equipping the Church leadership so they can equip and mobilize believers for intentional participation in world missions”. Our focus in our ministry has been to help believers study God’s Word so they can understand His plan for them and the world.

I thank God for all those He has used in the discipling process in my life. And I especially want to thank Him for sending Denis when He did because what He used him to impart to me has been profound, with equally for-reaching results.

The Caribbean Church could greatly benefit from the teaching gift which the Lord has generously given to Denis Bagot. His concern has been and continues to be – that the student of the Word learn to rightly divide the Word that he/she might know and love the Lord of the Word more deeply and dearly.

Dhan Lalsee